One of the darkest days in the rule of the ANC Government in South Africa was the 14th November 2006.  On that day the ANC leadership and its Members of Parliament abused its Parliamentary majority. They legalised “same sex marriages.” They had done no research of their own on the subject. As usual, they just went with the wind of Eurocentricity which upholds foreign values and despises African values. Homosexuals just dragged the ANC leaders by their noses.  .

The ANC argued that the Constitution of South Africa in Section 9 dictated that “same sex marriages” be allowed. This was a lame excuse. They betrayed the people whom they always claimed to represent and ignored their cultural values. Parliament has a right to amend the Constitution.  It did so, on the issue of “floor-crossing” in which Parliament legalised what some political leaders called “political prostitution.”

During the Parliamentary hearings to listen to the views of voters and citizens on the “same sex marriage”, it was reported that 97% of the population was against “same sex marriages ”.They described it as “an abomination”. These were mainly Christians, Traditional Leaders, Moslems and many others.  Nevertheless, the ANC imposed this repugnant and offensive law on the African people and ignored any cultural values of the Continent of Africa and the Diaspora. But even after this Bill was passed, the SABC Television, debate on the 19th November 2006, showed that ninety three percent of the people rejected this law.  Only 7% said “yes” to “same sex marriages.”

In Parliament all ANC Members of Parliament voted for homosexual marriages. A Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) Member of Parliament who opposed the same sex marriage and was allocated only one minute said:

“Madam Speaker,

The traditional institution of a union between a man and women for procreation must be protected. This institution cannot be equated with same sex unions.

Same sex marriages are so repugnant that only four countries in the whole world have legalized them.  These are the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and Germany.  Do we want our country to be the fifth in the world and the first in Africa in this mess?

Which country in Africa will accept leadership from a country that suffers Eurocentric eccentricity?  Only those who have sold their souls to cultural imperialism will support this obscenity.

It is hypocritical in the extreme to talk of “moral regeneration” and “African renaissance” and turn round and surrender to this cultural aberration. It is no excuse that it is in the Constitution.  It should never have been there in the first place. The issues in this country are landlessness, inhuman squatters, unaffordable education, unemployment, lack of good health care and eradication of poverty.  These are the things that people fought for.

This Bill needed a national referendum if this Parliament respects the people of this country.

A large body of scientific researchers on homosexuality has established that there is no scientific basis for a homosexual gene.There is no “gay gene.”  (Interjections by ANC Members of Parliament) (Time, expired)

                           Anthropology On Same Sex Marriages

Well, let me continue this debate on homosexuality outside Parliament.Anthropology shows that all the cultures of the world have been heterosexual in sex and marriage.  Some societies have practised  polygyny – marriage of one husband to more than one wife, known in popular language as “polygamy.” And polyandry – marriage of one wife with more than one husband – but never same-sex marriage.

Homosexuality has always been frowned upon by all religions and cultures of the world. Marriage is designed for males and females with their profound sexual different constitutions. Together they create something larger than themselves. The polarity of the two genders is inextricably locked into the meaning and practice of marriage.

Only opposites produce something creative. This is probably why even in permissive societies like America, Jonathan Yarbough and Gody Rogahm of Massachusets were the first people on this planet to get a same-sex marriage license only on May 17th 2004.

Homosexual marriages have not emerged until recent times even in European countries.  It was early in 2001 that the first country on earth legally recognized marriage between persons of same-sex. That was the Netherlands.

Homosexuality has been cured. African societies have known these facts for centuries. Many homosexuals have moved from homosexuality to heterosexuality after treatment.  Homosexuality has been found unnatural. Homosexuals cannot bear children. Only people of opposite sex can procreate. To talk about rights in an irresponsible way is inhuman. What will happen when certain individuals say they enjoy sex with dogs and it is their “democratic right” to “enjoy this right”? Or demand incest to sleep with relatives because of their “sexual orientation”? 

Well, back to scientific research on homosexuality.

Scientific Research Has Found No Homosexual Gene

There does not seem to be replicated scientific studies that prove that homosexuality is determined by biological or genetic factors. Advocates of homosexuality have tried hard to disprove this fact scientifically, but have failed dismally. The reasons they have tried so hard to prove that homosexuality is genetic, is to win the sympathy of heterosexuals towards the homosexual behaviour. That is why even some church leaders now refer to homosexuality as “a gift of God.” Scientific research has repeatedly shown that there is no “gay gene”.

In 1991 Dr Simon Le Vay, a Neuroscientist at Salk Institute in California examined a region of the brain structure called the hypo-thalamus in dead homosexual and heterosexual men. Dr Le Vay is said to have discovered that the hypo-thalamus of homosexuals was smaller in the brain than that of heterosexuals. He took this observation as being responsible for the development of homosexuality.[i]

Michael Bailey of Northwestern University and a sympathiser of gay politics conducted research on pairs of identical twins. He did this with his associate, Richard Pillard of Boston University School of Medicine. They were attempting to show that homosexuality might be an inherited trait. Their research seemed to indicate that there was a high incidence of homosexuality among identical twins than among fraternal and non-twins. This seemed to lead to the conclusion of a genetic cause of homosexuality.[ii]

In 1993 Dr Dean Hamer of the National Cancer Institute who identifies himself as a gay, examined genetic material on the X chromosome on non-identical twin brothers. He found that many of these brothers shared a common genetic marker. This led him to conclude that homosexuality is an inherited trait.[iii]

The findings of these researchers have been criticized on numerous methodological grounds. For example, it was found that:

Dr. Simon Le Vay was not sure if the deceased man whose brains he had examined and studied were actually heterosexual or homosexual.

Bailey’s twin study was compromised due to sample bias.  “He had found his homosexual twin subjects by advertising in a gay magazine. His statistical methods may have led him to report exaggerated results.”[iv]

Hamer’s study found several gay men who did not have the genetic marker that supposedly contributed to homosexuality. He found on the other hand several men who had the marker, but were not gay. But more significantly other researchers have not been able to duplicate the results of his findings, for existence of a homosexual gene.[v]

Professors Richard and Friedman and Jennifer Downey of Columbia University write that: “At clinical Conference, one often hears that homosexual orientation is fixed and unmodifiable. Neither assertion is true…The assertion that homosexuality is genetic is so reductionistic that it must be dismissed out of hand as a general principle of psychology….” [vi]

Dr Camille Paglia a Lesbian writer states that “Homosexuality is not normal. On the contrary it is a challenge to the norm. Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction … no one is born gay…. Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait.”[vii]

Some researchers have themselves later confirmed that their studies did not prove that homosexuality is biologically or genetically determined.  Dr Simon Le Vay has written, “It is important to stress what I didn’t find. I did not find that homosexuality was genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I did not show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make interpreting my work.” [viii]

Dean Hamer on his study of identical twin brothers, for his part finally concluded that “There is not a single master gene that makes people gay…” [ix]

Up to 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) held that homosexuality is a mental disorder.  Homosexuality was also listed as a “Sociopathic personality disturbance.”And later as “sexual deviations.” Under pressure of homosexual politics APA dropped this view by a majority of 6O% of Board members.

Dr. Ronald Bayer, a sympathizer of gay politics has admitted that the decision of the American Psychiatrist Association (APA) was based on politics not on science.

He writes, “Instead of being engaged in sober discussion of data, psychiatrists were swept up in a political controversy. The result was not a conclusion based on an approximation of the scientific truth as dictated by reason, but instead was an action demanded by the ideological temper of the times.” [x]

A survey conducted by the office of the International Affairs of the American Psychiatrist Association in 1993 almost twenty years after APA’s decision of 1973, the majority of psychiatrists around the world were found to continue to hold that homosexuality is a mental illness. Studies conducted in the United States, New Zealand and the Netherlands have affirmed a high correlation between homosexual behaviour and mental illness.

 Glenn T.  Stanton and Dr Bill Maier’s, “recent research appears to show a high prevalence of physical or psychological problems among homosexuals. Gay men are at elevated risk for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS and on average they can expect a shortened life expectancy). Both gay men and lesbian women suffer from high levels of psychiatric illness, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide.  Teenagers who experiment with homosexual behaviour tend to engage in other high-risk behaviours. Domestic violence also plagues many gay relationships.”[xi]    

Some Causes of Homosexuality And Consequences

Conditions such as child abuse, a feeling of  rejection by either parent and numerous other social factors and conditions have been found to be the causes of homosexuality, not a “gay gene”.  A gay gene does not exist.  Indeed, homosexuality is a pathological adaptation or a form of mental disorder. 

Professors Friedman and Downey of Columbia University answer “What causes homosexuality?” The reply, “It is …psychological and social factors interacting in complex and various ways to shape human sexual orientation.”  13)    13. op.cit.

Some researchers into homosexuality have pointed out that before the search for a gay gene, the focus was on environment as one of the major causes of homosexuality.

For example, Marvin Siegelman found that the homosexuals, in contrast to the heterosexuals, reported their fathers to be more rejecting and less loving. They described their mothers as equally rejecting and less loving. Homosexuals also indicated less closeness to their fathers than heterosexuals. 14)    ?????re. page 136  

The Homosexuals have been found to be more prone than to mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse; and a variety of certain types of diseases such as AIDS, certain types of cancer and hipatitis. People are normally not informed about the consequences of homosexuality. For instance, on the average, male homosexuals die a premature death by up to twenty years. It is often not disclosed by homosexuals and their sympathisers that lesbians and gays are more likely than heterosexuals to commit suicide and to be victims of domestic violence at the hands of a sex partner. Consequences such as anal cancer are often concealed. 15    ref 142. 

An Important Reminder ON Homosexuality 

Perhaps it is appropriate in the context of homosexuality being a mental disorder, to remind here of the Roman Emperor, Nero in earlier times. He cohabited with other men. His mental disorder was manifested in his routinely murder of people. He also appointed a horse to the Roman Senate (Parliament)!  

Whereas many countries have done research into the subject of homosexuality, ANC leaders in South Africa have accepted homosexuality and “sexual orientation”through mere mimicry like a mentally colonised people. 

In fact, in the United States people have been assisted to quit the unnatural homosexuality to join natural heterosexuality. Some of these organizations are: Exodus International, National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family’s Focus on Social Issues etc.  South Africa must do its own research instead of mimicking Belgium, Netherlands, Germany or Canada.

Belgium in particular has never had a good record of human rights.  Belguim’s gross violation of human rights is known from Leopoldville to the murder of Patrice Lumumba and destruction of Democratic Republic Of Congo. It is a shame for an African country to copy “same sex marriage” from a country that so dehumanised the African people. 

                                   Origin of Homosexuality

The international movement for homosexuality originated with an American by the name of Harry Hay. According to Stuart Timmons the writer of Hays’ biography, Harry Hay’s invitation into the under world of homosexuality began when he was a 14 year old boy. He was aboard a tramp steamer off the California Coast. On this voyage he had a homosexual relationship with a sailor simply known as “Matt.”  Matt was 24.  He revealed to Hay the existence of an esoteric world with its own culture and signals for members to recognise one another.

Hay was born and raised in the Catholic Church. He left the church and joined the Communist Party. He applied Marxist dialectics to his own theories about homosexuality. Shortly after his Communist Party membership he married Anita Platzky, a Communist comrade. Hay founded several homosexual organizations in the United States.

He was married for 13 years. He adopted two daughters, but he never gave up his homosexuality. “Throughout his marriage he roamed city parks looking for homosexual adventures and had many partners until 1951 when his wife divorced him.  It was also at this time that the Communist Party in America terminated his membership for his homosexuality.[xii]

Great Minds Never Regarded Homosexuality As A “Right”

The finest brains in the world such as Martin Luther King, Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, prophetess Mmantsopa, Kwame Nkrumah, V Lenin, King Moshoeshoe, Muziwakhe Lembede, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Julius Nyerere, Ghandi, Mao-tse-Tung, Queen Nzinga, Queen Mmanthatise, King Cetshwayo, Sol Plaatje, Chief Luthuli, Zephania Mothopeng, Steve Biko never considered homosexuality as a “right.” The 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights itself did not include it as a human right.Of course this is so unnatural that even dogs and other animals do not practice it.

  thHis information has been principally taken from UK Biobank genetic database homosexuality and “same sex marriages” as a human right.  Of course, this is so unnatural that even dogs and other animals do not practice it, sexually.

Latest Research Findings On Homosexuality In Britain

 Dr.Benjamin Neale, a co-author of study from the broad institute in America has written, “This study disproves the notion there is so-called gay gene and disproves the notion that there is a choice.” He has added, “We also found that it is effectively impossible to predict an individual sexual behaviour from ther genome.

Now in 2019 scientists who have combed database information for common genetic variations in people who have had slep with someone of the same sex. But they could not find the genetic marker inherited from a mother through a mother through the Xchromosome which sparked the theory of a “gay gene” after being found by US genecist Hamer?? In 1993??? Double check this fact. 

It has lately been added that this information has been principally taken from the UK Biobank genetic database and DNA testing with website 23 and Me.A reporter has stated, “London scientists have ruled out the existence of a single so-called “:gay gene.’”

 Science To Be Acknowledged Before Mankind Vanishes

What must be encouraged is more knowledge about scientific facts regarding homosexuality and sexual orientation.  Encourage those who suffer homosexuality to seek assistance to be normal and natural.  Remind them about the words of ex-homosexual Dr Camille Paglia who after experiencing homosexuality and scientific study of homosexuality has written:

“Homosexuality is not normal. On the contrary it is a challenge to the norm…  Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction … No one, is born a gay.  Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait.”

A distinction must be made between homosexuality and homosexuals.  Homosexuals must be treated with understanding and compassion.  Homosexuals must be assisted to live normal lives, have children, and perpetuate our beautiful African nation.  Only men and women can produce children, not homosexuals. 

The critical issue in this country is not about homosexual marriages.The burning national issues in South Africa are landless of the land-robbed Africans and the inhuman squatters in which they live, unaffordable education by the poor unemployment, lack of  good health and eradication of poverty.

This requires the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution so that land can equitably be redistributed and its riches used to do away with the “two nations syndrome” in South Africa where one nation is extremely poor and black andmajority and the other is extremely affluent and minority white.


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