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It is an honour for me to pay tribute to Prof. Rammonasesswa Lucas Molomo at his final earthly farewell today. History will always remind humanity that it happened at the same time as that of President Robert Mugabe, the 14th of September 2019. 

Prof Molomo was a long time friend of Philip Kgosana who led the Langa Uprising in Cape Town along with the Pan Africanist Congress- led Sharpeville Uprising on 21stMarch 1960. He was born on 21st June 1934 at a place called Mokopane Limpopo Province.

Educationally, he trained as a teacher at Mokopane Training Institution. He joined the Pan Africanist Congress in 1959.The PAC was declared illegal when it was only one year one month in April 1960. Anyone belonging to the PAC after this date was imprisoned for three years for membership six years for holding a position in the PAC and 15 years for being found in any kind of weapon including a knife.

After the South African apartheid colonial regime sought to arrest him for furthering the aims of a banned organisation namely the Pan Africanist Congress, he left the country to further the aims of the PAC outside. While there simultaneously, with this he pursued his education. He earned his B.A. Honours at the University of Ibadan and his M.A. Honours at the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

In addition to his political activities which he never abandoned he had been formerly a lecturer in history at the following institutions of education:

1. College of Teacher Education in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

2. Kenyatta University College in Kenya

3. Gweru Teachers College, Zimbabwe

4. Hillside Teachers College Bulawayo Zimbabwe

He later came back to South Africa in 1992 and was appointed principal of Mabake High School – Mpumalanga in South Africa. He has researched and written on the liberation of Africa. Some of his published books are (a) Gloria-Thomas Emagwali, (b) Towards Effective teaching and learning (c) Biography of the Rev. M. S. Mogoba

His Political Profile

He is one of the oldest members of the Pan Africanist Congress which shook apartheid colonial South Africa as never before on 21st March 1960.The following historic and indisputable statement affirms this.

Frantz Fanon the author of The Wretched Of The Earth 

has written: “The seventeen days that shook South Africa, and indeed, the entire world from March 21 this year [1960], have irrevocable turn in the history of South Africa. 

The Pan Africanist Congress and the urban proletariat intervened in their affairs of the country and ushered in, a period rich in historical perspective and pregnant with political possibilities for the democratic movement….Sharpeville has become a symbol. It is through that, that men and women in the world became acquainted with the problem of apartheid in South Africa.”

Affirming the revolutionary significance of this historic uprising of which Prof. Molomo was a part; Bernard Leeman, an English professor has written, “Whites flocked to the Canadian and Australian High Commissions in Pretoria. They enquired about emigration. Many whites bought guns. The helmeted troops patrolled the streets. In a single day the Pan Africanist Congress had changed South Africa forever.”

The PAC, of which Prof. Molomo was an active member and activist in its national agenda, was only eleven months when it delivered this staggering blow to the shattered and fear-gripped apartheid colonialist regime and its imperialist masters.

After the PAC was declared illegal, Paul Sauer, the colonial regime’s Prime Minister said, “The old book of South African history was closed a month ago, and for the immediate future, South Africa will reconsider in earnest and honestly her whole approach to the Native question.”

The Pan Africanist Congress was the first to form a military wing to deal with the apartheid colonial situation in this country ever since Kings Sekhukhuni, Hintsa, Moshoeshoe, Cetshwayo and other African Kings had led resistance against colonialism in this part of Africa.

Prof. Tom Lodge an English academic has written: “In November 1974 the PAC succeeded in obtaining the expulsion of South Africa from the United Nations Assembly, and in 1975, the OAU Meeting in Uganda adopted as official policy a long document prepared by the Pan Africanist Congress arguing the case for the illegality of South Africa’s status [in international law].”

Indeed, as a result of this startling performance outside the country, South Africa was expelled from the United Nations. Its seat was given to the PAC in 1982.

Tom Lodge has spilled other beans. This is about POQO the original name for the Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army (APLA). Let me use his own words out his book RESISTANCE AND IDEOLOGY IN SETTLER SOCIETIES –SOUTHERN AFRICAN STUDIES VOLUME 4:

“The military wing of the PAC-POQO not only inspired activities in South Africa, but PAC insurgents were very much more than Umkhonto of the ANC in terms of geographical extensiveness, the numbers involved and its span. The POQO conspiracies represent the largest and most sustained insurrection in South Africa in modern times….”

Tom Lodge draws attention to the political scientific fact that “persistence of a movement over a relatively long-time span and over a large geographical area qualifies POQO to claim being the most sustained insurrection by Blacks in South Africa in modern times.”

This is the rich political history that has happened because men like this hero took part. Even at his very late age Prof. Molomo continued to contribute to the unfinished liberation struggle of our country. This was as a member of the Pan African Research Institute. 

I must close by saying:

“Prof. Rammonasesswa Lucas Molomo, You have been a Noble Son Of Africa, a lover of your people. Greet Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, Zephania Mothopeng, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and all other giants for Africa’s total liberation. May the Youth of Africa, take off from where you have left. Africa is now in their hands for the coming generations.”

As that first Pan Africanist Congress President, that clear-minded visionary Dr. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe put it: 

“The wheel of progress revolves relentlessly, and all the nations of the world take their turn at the field-glass of human destiny. Africa shall not retreat! Africa shall not compromise! Africa shall not relent! Africa shall not equivocate! And she shall be heard! Remember Africa.”


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