Dr. Motsoko Pheko

Since 1930

Political Scientist, Theologian, Historian, Lawyer, Researcher, Author of over thirty books in these fields and over five thousand published articles in these spheres.

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Sobukwe The Pacesetter

Was Sobukwe a “racist”? In a court of law in which he and his 23 colleagues were convicted of leading the Sharpeville Uprising, he stated that he believed in one race only. Asked, “Do you imply that the Africans… and the whites of this country belong to this race?” He replied, “Correct.” It is Sobukwe’s organisation that coined the phrase “non-racial” in South Africa.

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Land is Money and Power

The author shows how political power without economic power is a gigantic colonial fraud. The cause of poverty, unemployment and squatter camps and lack of education among Africans is colonial dispossession of land.

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Rediscovering Africa and Her Spirituality

This book gives an African Christian perspective of spirituality.

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African Inventors and their Inventions

This book with pictures is about African inventors and their inventions. It includes African youth who were below the age of 30. Do you know that Africans/Black people were the first inventors in the world? Do you know who they are and what they have invented? This book tells it all!

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Battles of an African Shepherd

A True Story with Pictures: “This is a fascinating, challenging, transforming and uplifting book. It makes you an achiever whatever the difficulties.” – An African reader in London




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Customary Law of Succession Among Basotho

This is a pivotal contribution to knowledge in the field of law and African culture.

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Why the South African Constitution on land must be amended

The deep-seated racism of many colonial settlers must not be under-estimated when Section 25 of the South African constitution is amended.

Their myth of “white superiority” has poisoned their minds and hearts. J.G. Strydom was one of the apartheid colonial prime ministers of South Africa. In 1953 two years before the ANC declared its historically false and misleading pre-amble to what it called the “Freedom Charter;” Strydom said: “Our policy is that the Europeans must stand their ground and must remain Baas (master) in South Africa….Our view is that in every sphere, the European must retain the right to rule the country and to keep it white man’s country.”

The truth is that African liberation without repossession of their land is a gigantic colonial fraud. In South Africa, millions of people do not have even a place to sleep. This is in a country that is four times the size of Britain and Northern Island combined and with less population than that of Britain.

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Africans in the Bible and World History

This author is challenging the Eurocentric tradition and practice of wiping Africa off history. He questions why Bible characters have been “whitened.”

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