The most powerful weapon for Africa is Pan Africanism. A divided or “Exonophobia”
Africa will not withstand the onslaughts of imperialism. An Africa without Pan Africanism will not advance economically and technologically, as fast as it should. Only an Africa that stands united can win all battles and be victorious against any evil forces. This includes all kinds of enemies and tragedies from whatever part of the world they may come.

An Africa that stands separated will perish. The Coronavirus of 21 st century demonstrates this point beyond reasonable doubt. Africa must unite and develop together. Pan Africanism is not mere wishful thinking. It is a vision to be translated into a concrete reality for African people in particular. Historians, political scientists and otherwise people in Africa and in the Diaspora long realised that Africa cannot be truly liberated and be strong without traveling the vital Pan African path. The African proverb itself says, “Unity is power.”

In fact, European colonialists who have a vested interest in the under-development of Africa; must learn a big lesson from Coronavirus (Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2). They cannot under-develop Africa without doing injury to themselves. It has now been confirmed that the United States of America has overtaken Italy and Spain in the devastating disease, now threatening to annihilate mankind. A French Leader of Parliament, Andre Chassaigne has urged the French Government to join those who have welcomed the support and arrival of 52 Cuban doctors and nurses in Italy for assistance there.

Meanwhile,300 Chinese doctors began arriving in Italy on 18th March 2020 to help local effort to combat the now most feared disease in the world. The Peoples Republic of China has sent testing kits and protective clothing to Spain, Greece and Poland. On the contrary in Britain Prince Charles has tested positive for this disease.
It has also been reported that the Prime Minister of Britain himself Boris Johnson has been found to have contacted this threatening disease.

European countries, seven of which colonised Africa through the Berlin General Act of 26 February 1885 embarked on a programme of under-developing Africa. They have tried for many years to perpetuate their agenda of under-developing Africa including Asia. Today they find themselves being saved from the world-feared disease by countries they want to be permanently under-developed.

Indeed, of the worst inhuman tragedy that ever befell Africa from the West; through The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; John Perkins has quoted slave traders thus:“If you ever intend to have children, and want to have children and want them to live prosperous lives, you dam well better and make sure that we control the African Continent.”

Africa has experienced the incomparable brutality in the history of mankind. John Perkins concludes, “…nothing compared to Africa. What I had not seen I visualised and my visions included innocent men, women, and children snared I nets, hauled screaming aboard slave ships, piled up on top of another, puking, shitting, rotting, dying, while back home in Africa their lands, their people, animals, and jungles were ravaged by “civilised” Europeans.

In the 21 st century, the world as a whole must realise and learn that it is interdependent. That prevention is better than cure. Prevention of uneven economic and technological advancement is not good for mankind. It must be avoided. This is, particularly between Europe and Africa. A Developed Africa could have done much for Europe if she was not hindered from growing to what it is today. The Democratic Republic of Congo alone has $24 trillion (for development). This wealth could have produced all sorts of doctors, technology and indeed, epistemology in general.

Today with far lower resources and as a country that was being destroyed by America not a long time ago; Cuba has sent its 52 doctors and nurses to Italy and other European countries to save them from dying of coronavirus. Anyway, it is important for Africa to close this short message by saying that Africa must unite. It will be strong to build a strong Africa which can help one another economically and technologically. Pan Africanism will help not only the Continent of Africa but the world at large. No informed people must fear Pan Africanism. 

Zephania Mothopeng was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the Soweto Uprising of 21 June 1976. He was Chairman of the Pan Africanist Congress National Executive Council. He is the composer of this Pan African song:

“Unite, unite all you Africans unite

And rally to the banner of the African nation

Unite, unite all you Africans unite

To crush imperialism in all its forms

Project, promote African personality.

Create one giant monolithic state of Africa

Socialistic in content, democratic in form

Original in conception

Africanistic in orientation

Unite, unite all your daughters and sons of Africa.


“We believe in one race only, the human race to which we all belong. The history of that race is a long struggle against all restrictions, physical, mental and spiritual. We would have betrayed the human race if we had not done our contribution. We stand for equal rights for all individuals. But the whites must accept allegiance to Africa first. Once a truly non-racial democracy exists in South Africa, all individuals shall be accepted as Africans.

As individuals, we do not count. We are but the tools of history which will always find new tools. We are not afraid of the consequences of our action and it is not our intention to ask for mercy. Thank, Your Worship.” 15 April 1960


On the eve of Sharpeville Uprising organised by the Pan Africanist Congress; Sobukwe invited the ANC through its Secretary-General Duma Nokwe to take part in this now historic Uprising of this country. That was on 20th March 1960. But Nokwe simply issued an ANC media statement through a European Sunday Newspaper. It read:

“We must avoid sensational actions which might not succeed because we realise that it is treacherous to the liberation movement to embark on a campaign which has no reasonable prospect of success.”

A white newspaper for its part later reported that The Pan Africanist Congress…is an extremist political organisation with a cry Africa for Africans….It has accepted the Accra line a reference to President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana who was working closely with Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe Pan Africanist Congress].The ANC has rejected the invitation.” (The Star Johannesburg 21 March 1960)

Sobukwe was clear-minded and unwavering leader. He issued a media statement. I read, “Sons and daughters of the soil on Monday 21 st March [1960], we launch our positive campaign against the pass laws. Exactly at 7a.m. we launch. Oh yes, we launch. There is no doubt about that, all over.

We have crossed our historical Robicon. Izwe Lethu!(Africa is ours!)This is no doubt at all, all over. We are not gambling. We are taking our first in the march to Africa’s independence and the United States of Africa….Let us get that clear. The colonial apartheid] rulers are going to be extremely ruthless. But we must meet their brutality with calm and iron determination.

We are fighting for the noblest cause on earth, the liberation of mankind. They [colonialists] are fighting to entrench an anachronistic vile system of oppression. We represent progress. They represent decadence. They represent the rancid smell of decaying vegetation. We have the continent on our side. We have history on our side.” That was Dr. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe. That was Pan Africanism clearly articulated.

It is imperative for Africa and Africans to intensify their co-operation in all fields of life. The success of all African people depends very much on an absolute unified all – African agenda.

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